• Welcome to 1st International Conference ISAT

    The conference is addressed to cosmetologists and doctors who would like to network, explore new scientific advancements in the latest trichological studies or learn from other colleagues’ experience,

    23-24 September 2016 Warsaw

More information on ISAT

Our aim is to primarily promote and develop knowledge about diseases of the scalp and hair, and research on their treatment, as well as the legislation change on aesthetic trichologyst profession.

The Association intends to pursue its objectives in particular through training hairdressers, beauticians, cosmetologists in terms trichology, the dissemination of knowledge and scientific achievements – publications in magazines, radio, Internet, TV, conducting and organizing conferences, seminars, training and other forms of exchange of views and experiences, scientific research, and above all through cooperation with the medical community, with universities, research institutes and industry organizations from around the world.

Please feel invited to participate in the Association activities!