International Association of Aesthetic Trichologii (ISAT) was founded in Poland!

On Saturday 10th of October, 2015 in Warsaw was held the founding meeting of the International Society of Aesthetic Trichology (ISAT), which aims to develop trichology and aesthetic trichology in Poland and in the world.

ISAT was set up by an outstanding group of specialists – doctors, polish trichology precursors and experts from many fields of science. The aim is to create an international, interdisciplinary platform for knowledge, education and exchange of experience. The Association will popularize trichology and lead educational projects and research on the scalp and hair treatments.

One of the directions of the Association is also to create and to change legislation on aesthetic trichologyst profession.

Inspirer and chairman of the board is a pioneer of trichology in Poland Kinga Skrzypczak-Jach – imaging diagnostician, analytical trichology technician with over 20 years of experience, continuator of eminent professor Enzo Formentini, an authority on European trichology. The composition of the board is also a prominent specialist in dermatology professor Magdalena Ciupińska and leading hair reconstructive surgeon dr Jerzy Kolasiński performing for 30 years with the resounding success of hair transplants at the reputable Kolasiński Clinic.