On 9-10 July 2016 the first course of Trichologists’ Asisstant was held in Warsaw

The participants of our course deepened the theoretical complexities of anatomy, physiology of scalp and hair, and illnesses of the scalp under the care of outstanding dermatologist Magdalena Ciupiński. It was an opportunity to study real cases straight from medical practice and get acquainted with the problems of illnesses’ causes of scalp. Doctor Ciupiński cared that each of the participants was able to use the nomenclature of dermatology and they were able to assess and precisely describe condition of the scalp.

Moreover Kinga Esther Jach-Skrzypczak, who is the forerunner of Polish trichology, shared her practical experience with participants . Under her supervision, participants were practicing how to precisely match trichology treatment to each case. Everyone was familiar with the basics workshop of trichologists, and also experienced in trichology treatment was given.

A lot of knowledge combined with the training brought fruit and all the trainees left Warsaw as a qualified Assistant of Trichologists.