Carboxytherapy – a breakthrough treatment for hair loss sufferers

Carbon dioxide therapy (Carboxytherapy) is a scalp treatment using a controlled intradermal medical injection of carbon dioxide (CO₂) derived from spa treatments, taking advantage of the positive impact of the “miracle gas”on the human body.

Doctors and patients have confidence in Carboxytherapy due to its high efficiency and safety Local accumulation of CO₂ obtained through pricking stimulates the process of formation of new blood vessels which optimizes the oxygenation and nutrition of hair follicles improving the condition of hair. activating the healing process of tissues increase the synthesis of new collagen fibers leading to skin regeneration.

The big advantage of the treatment is a low pain and minimally invasive procedure which does not exclude patient from every day life. The carboxytherapy treatment course must be plan individually depending on the nature of the problem and its severity. Expected results come after a series of treatments.
The contraindications are: severe lung failure, heart or kidney failure, blood clotting disorders, pregnancy and breast-feeding and infection of the skin within the treatment area.

MD Paulina Kubasik
A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Jagiellonian University In Krakow. Participated in a six-month scholarship at La Sapienza University in Rome during her medicine studies. Currently employed by the District Hospital in Poznań, in the Department of Skin Diseases increasing the qualifications in Dermatology and Venereology. Her scientific work is carried out under the direction of Professor Zygmunt Adamski, Head of Dermatology Department of the University of Medical Sciences in Poznań. Her skills in aesthetic medicine are perfected under the guidance of MD Artur Markowski.